CURRICULUM - The Arts - Visual Arts & Music

The school has an outstanding Arts programme which has achieved many notable successes, earning a reputation for excellence. Our students have the opportunities to showcase their skills in the local community, at assemblies and some in state wide competitions. The music and visual arts programme are lead by experienced a specialist who engages all students from Years P-6.


Glen Huon Primary School provides the opportunity for students to participate in vocal ensembles and perform on special occasions such as ANZAC Day, assemblies and graduation.

Instrumental Music

Glen Huon students in Years 5 and 6 have the opportunity to participate in the instrumental program under the direction of specialist teachers who visit the school weekly. The students can learn to play the guitar The program offered through the School of Instrumental Music (SIMS) is aimed at those students who show keen interest and aptitude in music, and who are prepared to make an ongoing commitment to musical activity.

Instrumental music is:

  • An enrichment of the normal classroom music program in primary schools.
  • An integral part of the program for most music students in secondary schools.


To be accepted into an instrumental music program, students must satisfy the following criteria:

  • a willingness to participate in the instrumental music program.
  • An enthusiasm and aptitude for music as demonstrated through participation in the classroom music program.
  • Adequate parental support (parents are interviewed wherever possible).
  • Appropriate physical characteristics (for example, length of arms for trombone).
  • Ability to meet the requirements of the program (students leave other classes for their instrumental lesson and must be prepared to practice daily).


Students who apply for selection into instrumental music should generally achieve a score of 20 or more on the Music Aptitude Indicator, or an equivalent score on an another musical aptitude test. For further information on the Instrumental Music Program please go to the SIM website.


Glen Huon Primary School students who participate in the school instrumental music program are given the opportunity to perform at our school gatherings and various community events.

Visual Arts

Glen Huon Primary School has a dedicated art room where students are able to design their art pieces. We also have a kiln which is used by our Arts Specialist. Students are taught how to use clay, paint with glaze and fire in the kiln. Glen Archie’s Arts Extravaganza etc would also come in here