ABOUT - School Context

Our Mission

At Glen Huon Primary School our mission is to work in partnership with our community to provide a nurturing environment that allows our children to become resilient, confident, lifelong learners through a rich, sustainable and inclusive curriculum. We aim to achieve this though three key focus areas with explicit, evidence based whole school approaches in Literacy and Numeracy while Positive Behaviour is supported with the principles of Positive Schools and Classroom Engagement.

Our Values

Our values are indicative of the attitudes held by our staff and therefore influence our behaviour towards, and expectations of, our students and community:

  • Care - Being inclusive and fair and providing safe and supportive learning environments.
  • Personal Best - Striving for excellence in all aspects, demonstrating determination.
  • Integrity and honesty - taking personal responsibility for our own actions.
  • Sustainability - acting in ways that support the planet and ourselves.
  • Respect - of self, others and the environment. We apply the principles of Choose Respect.

Our Expectations

Every member of our community is encouraged to Choose Respect by making a conscious effort to:

  • Be SAFE

Our Specialist Programs

We have specialist programs for Physical Education, Science, Visual Arts, Music and Japanese. Our instrumental program in year 5 and 6 is guitar for selected students. We also have a school choir and have recently introduced ukulele for years four to six.

Additional Programs

We have a range of early intervention programs run in partnership with our Health specialists and parents. We have our Sunbeam Children's Playgroup for pre-Kindergarten children.

In 2014, we responded to the needs of our parents and established on site before and after school care by forming a business partnership with the OSHClub. Our OSHClub commences at 7:00am prior to school starting at 8:30am and operates after school from 2:35pm to 6:00pm.

In partnership with the Millbridge Project Team we have an onsite breakfast club program that runs twice a week.