PARENT INFO - Parent Brochure - Bullying Information

What is bullying? Bullying is a repeated behaviour used by a more powerful person or group over a less powerful person, who has difficulty stopping the situation. Bullying incidents are unprovoked and can be physical, verbal, social or psychological in nature. It is hard for the person being bullied to stop these things from happening. STOP, WALK, TALK. This is a 3-Step resilience intervention program designed to empower our students and to prevent minor incidents from escalating.

1. STOP When students experience a problem behaviour or they see another student experiencing a problem behaviour, they will put their hand up in a neutral stop signal and they will say, "Stop". If students are asked to "stop" they should:

  1. Stop what they are doing.
  2. Take a deep breath and count to 3.
  3. Go on with their day.

2. WALK When students have tried "stop" and the problem behaviour continues, they will "Walk Away" from the problem behaviour and go on with their day.

3. TALK Students should "talk" to an adult when they have tried the "stop signal and "walk away" but the problem behaviour continues. Adults should respond to students like this: Adults will thank the student for coming to them. Adults will ask what the problem is. Adults will ask the student if they said "stop. Adults will ask the student if they "walked away" calmly. They will practice Stop/Walk/Talk.