PARENT INFO - Attendance Information

Attendance at school

Every day at school counts towards yours child's future. Regular school attendance not only ensures that your child is having access to vital learning opportunities but also sets up regular patterns and expectations about school and ultimately work attendance. If your child is unable to attend please notify the school through one of the following means:

  • Ring (08) 9724 0100.
  • Email:
  • Send an absentee notification through the Skoolbag application.
  • Visit the website

This will inform the Administration staff who will pass the information onto the class teacher and enter the information into the attendance register. If you are unable to contact the school please write a note or bring in a medical certificate upon the child's return.

All children from Pre Primary to 17 years old must attend school or have approved arrangements. Under Western Australian law (School Education Act 1999), parents must send their children to school unless.

  • They are too unwell.
  • They have an infectious disease.
  • The principal is provided with a genuine and acceptable reason.

Children who are away for other reasons such as family or friends visiting, birthdays, spending time at home prior to working away, family vacations during the school term are not acceptable reasons under the School Education Act and have to be marked as an unacceptable reason in our school data.

Did you know that a student attending 90% of the time will miss:

  • 1 day a fortnight.
  • 1 week a term.
  • 4 weeks a year.
  • 1 year by the end of year 9.
  • 1 Semester between year 8 and year 12.

Of vital teaching and putting them at risk with learning outcomes.