PARENT INFO - Tips For Starting School

It is an exciting and important moment when children start Kindergarten. It's the beginning of their school journey but not the beginning of their learning journey. That journey begins at home from the time children are born.

Now, as children step into school for the first time, they bring all this learning with them. Over the last few years, the State Government has strengthened early childhood education and support in school as well as for families before their children start school.

New Child and Parent Centres on public school sites are supporting parents and their children from birth; and many public schools run playgroups and provide services to parents in conjunction with community service agencies.

In school, Kindergarten hours have increased to 15 hours each week and Pre-primary is compulsory from 2013. In both years, there is a better balance between play-based and structured learning. For the first time, there are guaranteed places in Pre-primary and, where possible, Kindergarten.

Hello school! Is written for parents of young children starting school. It outlines what happens in a typical day at Kindergarten, Pre-primary and Year 1, and gives ideas on how families can support their children's development and learning in these first years of school.

We hope you find this booklet helpful.