PARENT INFO - Learning at Home - 0-4 years

Your children's brains are a "work in progress!"

In the first few years of life, the brain grows rapidly. The experiences you have with your children during these years are extremely important. By creating a fun, happy and safe home, you are helping them develop a love of learning.

How children learn best.

Children learn best when they are happy, feel safe and have interesting things to see and do. The everyday activities you share with your children are powerful learning opportunities.

There is no need for you to formally "plan" for learning at home - it will happen naturally through simple activities, experiences, games and reading that you share each day with your children. Children are naturally curious, full of ideas and keen to learn about the world around them. They learn by playing, watching, listening, asking, talking, having time to think, trying and doing new things, and watching the responses of the people around them.

This booklet has lots of things you can do at home with your children to support their learning and development.